gazTraditionally, electrical geysers or hot water storage tanks have been the hot water system of choice for many South African homes. However, instantaneous continuous flow hot water heaters (gas geysers) offer an efficient alternative to the traditional electric storage units.

A standard electrical geyser continually heats, reheats and stores the heated water whether or not the hot water is used or not. When the heated water in the geyser is used it is replaced with new cold water which must be heated consistent with the remaining water. When a hot water tap is used in the home the instantaneous continuous flow gas water heater senses the demand for hot water flow and starts the heating process. The water flows through the heat exchanger and is heated to the desired temp, which has been pre-selected.

Continuous flow gas water heater only heats the water you need, so you will never run out of hot water. That means that the entire household can shower consecutively without anybody enduring a cold shower!
Continuous flow hot water systems are more compact in size and this allows them to be easily mounted outside, or alternatively, the internal systems can be conveniently installed in a cupboard (flueing required).

What this means for you:
• Heat water only when required
• Never run out of hot water
• Not reliant on electrical supply
• Save money on gas bills and reduce greenhouse gas emissions
• Space-saving, compact design
• Temperature control giving parents added peace of mind for their children’s safety