Heat pumps can extract the heat energy from environment surroundings such as the ground, water and the air.

heat pumpThe most common type of heat pumps that would be found in a domestic heat_pumps_residential_copyinstallation in South Africa is an air source heat pump and the simply reason for this is that South Africa has an above average ambient air temperature that can be tapped. It is for this reason that most heat pumps installed are air source type heat pumps.

The Air source heat pumps are split into basic types of configurations: Split type and IntegralCommercial_heat_pump_copy

Split Type: A split type heat pump unit is the most common type of heat pump unit in the domestic heat pump market today.  Unlike the integral heat pump unit, the split heat pump does not have a hot water storage cylinder. As the name implies, the split heat pump unit is split in such a way that the heat pump is away from the hot water storage cylinder and not combined.   In most cases the heat pump unit is retrofitted to the existing hot water cylinder or geyser in the home.


integrated heat pump

An integral heat pump unit, as the name implies, integrates the heat pump and the hot water storage cylinder into one complete unit. The integral heat pump unit is a hot water storage cylinder that is in aswimming_pool_heat_pumps_copy vertical configuration and in most cases the actual heat pump is installed above the hot water storage cylinder.   Unlike the conventional hot water storage cylinder installation, the integral heat pump is floor mounted and not installed in the roof space.