Having the correct solar geyser installed will conservatively save you about 50% (average throughout the year) of your water heating cost which constitutes around 40% of your overall electricity consumption. However while installing a solar geyser will certainly save you energy, the difficult will be to quantifying the actual amount that will be saved up front. While a very good educated guess can be made the savings have a direct bearing on the amount of hot water you use, the size and type of solar system you install, your personal usage pattern and more importantly the lifestyle you are willing to change.

Lifestyle Considerations

One of the most important factors that is overlooked with respect to effectiveness or efficiency of a solar water heating system or any renewable energy is the human factor. Human beings are creatures of habit and as a whole we find it difficult to change or make that life style change to accommodate the necessary changes. We simply find it difficult to change our habits.Kwiksol_Solar_Wa_500548c370108

A solar water heater is just a tool that provides hot water savings, however the optimum effectiveness or efficiency of the system is also dependent on whether we are willing to change our life style in order to achieve the optimum savings. It is important to note that your habits of hot water usage or lifestyle will most likely have to change, to achieve the optimum performance from the solar water heating system.