Robust galvanized outer casement for domestic and commercial applications. Durable in severe weather and climatic conditions. Thermo fused porcelain enamel-lined cylinder promotes a hygienic and long life span while the polyurethane insulation reduces energy and heat loss and is environment friendly.

The 600 Dual geysers are IPX4 rated. It can be installed horizontally or vertically with adjustable left and right-hand wall mounting brackets.
Technical specifications


Respective Kwikot Econoflo hot water cylinder (geyser), Kwikot Safety Valve, Kwikot Drain Cock, Thermostat and Spiral Element; Installation of the Geyser in a standard domestic environment during standard operating hours, All relevant SANS approved plumbing pipes, fittings and valves for the installation within 3 meters of the hot/cold water points, the Installation as per the National Building, water regulations and SANS 10254; A plumbing compliance certificate for the plumbing installation; Valid in South Africa and respective areas of operation. Price does not included the geyser drip tray and/or pressure regulation valve which if required to be installed/replaced additional amount will be charged.

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The price excludes upgrading of existing plumbing and/or electrical installations to comply too the relevant plumbing or electrical standards if required.