Up to 60% of your hot water heating bill.
Installation usually takes up to one day.
The heat pump will be effective regardless of cloud cover or not. Ensuring the installer insulates all hot water pipes will also minimise the heat loss.
A heat pump is installed within 8 metres of the geyser on a wall or on the floor with enough space around it to draw in air.  The unit is the same size as an air conditioner.
An element is installed in the geyser as a backup if the heat pump should fail.
The heat pump will be connected to an existing geyser and mounted on an existing wall up to 8 metres away from the geyser or hot water storage device.
The Heat Pump Specialist will appoint a qualified Electrician to attend to the electrical work.
The existing electric geyser will determine the size of heat pump needed.  For a 100lt to 250lt geyser you use a 5.5kW heat pump and on a bigger geyser you will use a 7.5kW heat pump.
Depending on the amount spent on the system, the average period for heat pump is just under two years.