HEAT PUMP COMPONENTSheat_pumps_residential_copy
A compressor: vital function of compressing the refrigerant to extremely high pressures, which in turns increases the temperature of the refrigerant that then heats the water trough the heat exchanger.
heat pump expansion valve copyExpansion valve: pressure reducing device that reduces the high pressure refrigerant to a very low pressure.
heat pump heat exchanger copyCondenser (Heat exchanger): is a metal heat exchanger which provides the transfer of heat from the hot compressed refrigerant to the water.Commercial_heat_pump_copy
heat pump evaporatorEvaporator: to absorb the ambient temperature from the surroundings of the heat pump. It uses an electrical fan to suck the air in.
heat pump refrigerant copyRefrigerant: Is a glycol solution that can change from gas to liquid depending on the pressure. The refrigerant can also boil at a much lower temperature that is used to heat up the water.
The heat pump’s Auxiliary Components: pump, accumulator, electrical fan, reversing valve,Heat pump circuit board, heat pump controller, mounting brackets, controller and thermostatic probe and connecting cables, anti-vibration feet.swimming_pool_heat_pumps_copy