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Why use a gas water heater?

Instant hot water, Gas water heater has a Continuous supply of hot water, Not reliant on Electrical supply (Load Shedding), Reduced Electrical costs, Energy efficient as water is only heated as and when needed, Reduces Carbon Footprint, a gas water heater has Long Lifespan, No risk of a burst cylinder (burst geyser), No pilot flame (Instant Pulse Ignition), Safe and simply to operate with Long lifespan, and Easy accessible for maintenance

What a Gas Water Geyser can save?

With the rising costs of electricity and conventional methods of heating water, an instantaneous gas geyser can save you immediately. With a gas geyser, you are not paying for your geyser to be kept the water heated all the time. Electrical energy used during this “stand-by mode” can range from 15 to 30 % of the total electrical energy that a tank-based system uses.

Our Friendly team installs the Gas Geyser hassle free for you. We make minimal mess and always leave the place as we found it.